ATS can supply the right pump to meet your need of your application. Our comprehensive range of pumps includes units suitable for practically any use, including:

Centrifugal pumps
(metal and plastics versions)
Acid & Alkaline Transfer
Contaminated Waters

Diaphragm / Metering / Peristaltic
Controlled addition of treatment chemicals

Double diaphragm
Usually air operated for movement of higher viscosity liquids, or liquids containing particulates (e.g. to filter presses)

Drum emptying pumps
(piston and rotary)
Hazardous Chemical Transfer

Gear pumps
Viscous Liquids

Seal-less magnetic drive
Leak Free for safe transfer of Liquids

Liquids with solids in suspension


Whatever your water, effluent or process stream, we can supply the correct pump for your need. Contact us today.