Effluent Treatment Systems

ATS offers a complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service for wastewater and industrial/process effluent.

Capability ranges from supply of small, multi-purpose effluent treatment towers to large-scale projects for the removal of chemicals and heavy metals from process effluent.

Mini Effluent Treatment System

Stackable multi-purpose units

Suitable for continuous flow (up to 3m3/hr) or batch processes

Rentals available for pilot plant use

Easy to install with low maintenance

Small footprint

UNI-TOWER Effluent Treatment System

After pH control, effluent is pumped from the sump into the settling tank. After addition of settling aids solids are allowed to form in the collection cone and clear water overflows through filters to drain. Sludge can be emptied to a filter cloth in the sludge collection tank and allowed to drain to form a dry cake.

The integral multi-purpose pump (via a 3-way valve) can be used to fill or de-sludge the settling tank, or to remove filtered water from the sludge collection tank.