Flow and Level

ATS offer a range of flow/level measurement devices and associated control systems.

Equipment We Supply:


Flow monitoring of the discharge to drain in many industrial processes can often be quickly justified by reduced discharge costs. Many companies have their effluent charges based on their incoming water rate (less nominal allowances) and this can often be very costly as flow monitoring of their discharge shows.

ATS can install a mag-flow monitoring system that can often provide payback in a few months. Other flow measurements, using ultrasonic Doppler technology, are accepted as reliable, non-invasive methods of measuring liquid and slurry flow in pipes, where high accuracy is simply not required. ATS can provide a range of units that give cost effective flow monitoring and switch point output. Units are available for general-purpose applications or for use in flammable atmospheres. All units offer ease of installation and calibration as a key feature, having a single button set up with a status feedback during initial calibration from red and green LEDs.



ATS can supply a range of Flow/Level Measurement and control. Float and ultrasonic level sensors for controlling the levels of dosing chemicals and non-potable water or sewage.

The range of point level detection products includes a series of robust float switches, a unique range of non-invasive point level switches, ultrasonic level gap sensors for liquids and vibrating point level switches for solids and liquids.

Versions are available to provide alarm control and pump control. The units have all been designed for maximum durability and dependability, and are manufactured to the highest standards.