Water Treatment Chemicals

In addition to providing project management of a wide variety of waste-water and water treatment processes, ATS also provide the wide range of chemicals required with these systems.

Our range of chemicals is extensive and includes:

Treatment Chemicals Acids, alkalis, oxidising and reducing agents

Boiler Treatment Chemicals Oxygen scavenging chemicals, such as Hydrazine, and Biocides

(Synthetic polyelectrolytes)
Used as binding agent to assist in thickening, for emulsion breaking and improve de-watering. Also used as retention aids in the paper industry.

Coagulants Separation aids used to clarify water, reduce BOD/COD, remove colour, assist with emulsion breaking (oil-in-water) and for wet end charge control (paper industry).

Antifoams & Defoamers


Used to minimise foam created by bacterial activity, mechanical action or chemical contamination

Chelating Agents
(Metal Precipitants)
Can be used as polishing agents or primary precipitants. Form insoluble salts by reacting with heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, copper and cadmium.

Oxidants Usually mixture of two or more liquids for oxidising unwanted organic and inorganic compounds found in effluent. Typical applications include reduction of COD/BOD, nitrogen nutrients and toxicity or colour.

Sterilising Agents For reduction of water contamination in public and bore hole water supplies, for cleaning of process water and removal of slime and algae from supply tanks. Other uses include management of cooling towers and, swimming pools and therapeutic baths.

Nutrients Reduction of phosphates in sewage treatment works, with additional benefits of significant reduction in COD value and plant energy consumption.

Biological Products,
Cleaning Products
Grease Guard, Probe Cleaner or Clean-max.