Applications Expertise

ATS staff can offer many years’ experience of designing, building, installing and maintaining equipment and systems packages for water and wastewater applications.

The following is a list of typical applications:

Industry Applications

Chemicals Monitoring of process streams
Nickel reduction in effluent

Food/Drink DAF units for solids/liquids separation
pH and conductivity monitoring systems
pH adjustment of effluent
Water recovery systems
Effluent treatment systems

Paper Monitoring and control of effluent discharge
pH process control loops
Acid/Alkali dosing systems

pH adjustment of effluent
Instrumentation systems

Metals Nickel / Zinc removal systems
Copper / Zinc / Cyanide removal systems
pH adjustment of effluent

General CIP systems – pH control of cleaning cycle
Cooling towers – chemical treatment
swimming pools – chemical dosing and instrumentation systems
Ground water extraction systems
Landfill instrumentation systems