Systems & Custom Fabrication Services

ATS offer a full project engineering service and will undertake all aspects of installation, commissioning and on-site service. We concentrate on developing the right system to meet the application need. Unlike many companies we are happy to suggest system solutions that will utilise as much of existing plant and equipment as is feasible.

We also provide a trouble shooting/problem solving service that often enables companies to bring fault-ridden or out of service plant back on stream at very economic rates. Our upgrade and redesign service is designed to provide users with the optimum solution.

ATS work extensively with the Wastewater industry and with Civil Engineers, and are highly experienced in producing work to their exacting requirements. We can offer structural steelwork and sheet metalwork on a design and build basis. We can also provide a range of screening, handling and DAF equipment, as well as bubble diffusers for aeration plant.

Here are just a few examples of some typical systems we have engineered and installed:

 Acid/Alkali dosing systems

 Boiler feed water monitoring and control

 Bubble aeration systems

 Bubble diffusers

 Chemical dosing tanks (in steel or plastics)

 CIP systems


 Control panels


 Cooling tower water treatment systems

 DAF tanks

 Demineralisation plant

 Effluent treatment

 Fixed and Portable Samplers

 Flow monitoring and control

 Heavy metals reduction packages

 Iron removal systems

 Level control systems

 Process / Dripping Tanks

 Reverse osmosis plant

 Rinse water control

 Run down screens and other screening equipment


 Settlement tanks

 Slurry Tanks

 Structural metalwork and metal/plastic fabrication

 Treatment Tanks

 Water conservation systems

 Water filtration systems

 Water recovery

 Water softeners