Equipment Supply

From provision of a basic hand-held pH meter to supply of a complete system package, ATS has the right products and systems packages to meet your needs:

Equipment We Supply:

 Laboratory / portable instrumentation and consumables

 Portable pH/redox/temperature meters

 Sensors and transducers for monitoring:

    – pH / redox
    – turbidity
    – conductivity/TDS
    – specific ions
    – dissolved oxygen
    – other analytical measurements


 Mixers and stirrers

 Consumables, including:
     –  Buffers and test kits
     –  Chart recorder paper / pens

 Health & Safety products, including:     – 

    –  Emergency safety showers, eyebaths and decontamination units
    –  Bunds and other spill control products
    –  Non-slip gratings
    –  Other Health & Safety related products