Fixed and Portable Samplers

ATS now offer the Aquamatic range of fixed and portable auto-samplers. Units are available for sale or rental.

Units Available

Fixed Wastewater Samplers

Aqua 10 is a range of fixed automatic wastewater samplers based around a common sampler module. Aqua 10 products are designed to extract representative samples from a wastewater stream and deposit them in one or more containers for subsequent collection and analysis. In this way a complete profile of the wastewater passing the sample point during the sample period is obtained.

Aqua 10 wastewater sample systems comprise a sampling module and a choice of sample collection vessels. These are available in various formats to meet most sampling needs.

Product range:
  arrow   Aqua 10W – Wall Mounted Waste Water Sampler
  arrow   Aqua 10K – Kiosk Mounted Waste Water Sampler
  arrow   Aqua 10R – Floor Mounted Unit with Refrigerated Sample Preservation
  arrow   Aqua 10RK – Kiosk Mounted Unit with Refrigerated Sample Preservation    

Portable Samplers

The Aquacell P offers a cost-effective solution when representative samples of a wastewater discharge are required and the cost of a stationary sampler is not justified. The Aquacell P is an ideal tool for the wastewater regulator and those involved in process control studies. In developing the Aquacell P range, Aquamatic has gone right back to first principles to identify the key requirements of portable wastewater samplers.

Product range:
arrow  Aquacell P
arrow  Aquacell P Compact

Sample Collection Vessels
A wide range of sample collection vessels is offered with our range of fixed and portable samplers. These offer maximum flexibility for wide-ranging sampling applications, and include:




12 x 1 litre glass laboratory bottles


12 x 0.7 litre glass bottles


12 x 1 litre PET bottles



24 x 1 litre plastic bottles



4 x 4.5 litre glass bottles


2 x 4.5 litre self-emptying bottles


1 x 25 litre plastic container