ATS have completed many projects in the metals industries, and the following case studies demonstrate our total capability in servicing this specialist sector:

Manufacture of Metal Mouldings

Influent from the plating process is collected into the treatment tank and pH corrected by dosing with Caustic (NaOH) to produce ‘hydroxides’ of the various metals that may be present in the liquor. A stirrer ensures that settlement of solids is avoided, and minimises the risk of pH electrode fouling.

Treatment tank flow is controlled by monitoring the level in the tank, with the forward flow into the settlement tank being dosed with coagulant polymer in the in-line mixer. The permanent solids produced, containing the bonded heavy metals, are allowed to settle in the conical section of the tank.

Periodically the solids are removed and passed through a filter press, with the filtrate being discharged to drain.