Run Down Screens & Other Screening Equipment

The run down screen is a highly efficient static screen, designed for separation of liquids from solids. Being of simple design and rugged construction, in stainless steel, the screens provide long dependable service with minimal requirement for maintenance. The screen features a unique 3-angled, downward curve form screen plate that provides a self cleaning, non-clogging surface. The standard range of screens offers flow capacities up to 3,000 litres/min in apertures ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm.

Features / Benefits

  • Removes grit and solids from municipal and industrial treatment systems
  • Eliminates the requirement for more expensive equipment, such as mechanical fine screens, comminutors, primary clarifiers etc.
  • Has no moving parts or motors, and requires minimal maintenance
  • Inexpensive to install and operate
  • Reduces power costs and may be gravity-fed
  • Offers noiseless operation
  • Recovers usable solids which were formerly lost in many industrial effluents
  • Cleans industrial water for recycling
  • Save space

Typical Applications Include:

  • Municipal sewage plant
  • Recovery of natural and synthetic fibres
  • Removal of solids in vegetables, fruit meat and sea foods
  • Screening of plant effluent and processing solutions
  • Treatment and pollution control systems
  • Various classification operations
  • Water treatment